Airplane Crash Lands On California Highway, Everyone Walks Away

The outdated stating between pilots is that any landing is effective as extensive as you can walk away from it. If that is legitimate, then this counts as a triumph. A plane crash landed onto the very occupied Freeway 91 in California in the vicinity of the town of Corona at close to 12:31 PM local time on Tuesday, August 9. The two occupants in the aircraft failed to undergo accidents. 

Pilot Andrew Cho explained the Piper Cherokee plane experienced an engine failure, and the plane was shedding altitude. He wasn’t able to make it to the nearest airport, so the Interstate was the next greatest solution. Cho informed KTLA the landing felt like a “hard bump,” which was an understatement judging by the dashcam video clip higher than.


Immediately after bouncing off the highway, 1 of the wings broke off. This resulted in a spray of gasoline on to the road, and the gasoline immediately burst into flames. The plane then slid across numerous lanes and came to a quit in opposition to a wall in the path of an onramp.

Cho and his passenger were able to climb out of the wreckage. All through the chaos, a portion of the airplane, probably the wing, struck the tailgate of a Toyota Tundra. The a few occupants inside the truck did not undergo any accidents.

The Federal Aviation Administration is now investigating the crash.

Making an emergency landing on a community road is unusual but takes place. included an especially odd illustration in January 2022 when a airplane landed on the avenue but arrived to a stop at a coach crossing. The timing was definitely lousy simply because a prepare arrived and obliterated the plane. The pilot was equipped to flee the scene prior to the chaos. 

In 2020, a airplane made an emergency landing on a highway in Quebec, Canada. There ended up no injuries. The most intriguing portion was that the other traffic on the street hardly seemed to react to an plane coming down in entrance of them.

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