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A lone rider cruises up to the highlands extend of Arkansas Freeway 16.

For motorcyclists, Arkansas Freeway 16 is one of the leading highways in the Ozarks that has the included virtue of currently being just one of the least utilised highways in the state. It is generally identified to area riders and some savvy site visitors but is overlooked by most travelers since it doesn’t guide wherever in individual.

A further reason it’s primarily mysterious is that it doesn’t have a cool moniker like the “Pig Trail” area of Arkansas Highway 23. So I suggest that the 160-mile extend from Fayetteville to Clinton henceforth be known as the “Ozarks Scenic Highlands Skyway.”

Arkansas Highway 16

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Arkansas Freeway 16: ‘Your very last route of choice’…by auto at minimum

Freeway 16 starts in the northeastern aspect of Arkansas at the Oklahoma border and runs southeasterly throughout about two-thirds of the width of the point out. From Fayetteville to Greers Ferry, it winds from one very little town to yet another by means of compact communities with special names like Swain, Nail, Deer, Lurton, Witts Springs, and my private beloved, Ben Hur.

If you were being traveling by auto from Fayetteville to Greers Ferry, Highway 16 would be your previous route of preference. Which is exactly what helps make it great for riders. From Fayetteville, the experience east on Freeway 16 out of city is fairly pedestrian, but when you get earlier Elkins, the highway parallels the upper part of the 710-mile White River.

The highway results in being more serpentine as it climbs into the highlands of the Ozarks. At Brashears, Freeway 16 intersects the Pig Path Scenic Byway segment of Freeway 23 for about 4 miles till Hawkins Hollow and turns into pretty twisty.

Arkansas Highway 16
Situated near the junction with the Pig Path Scenic Byway, the Pig Path Bypass Nation Cafe serves a indicate “Hooshburger.”

A glance at the Arkansas Point out Freeway map reveals that the highway has far more than ample squiggly traces to delight the sport rider. And it has extra than enough drop-useless stunning scenery to delight the cruising rider.

Arkansas Highway 16
Driving higher by means of the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas Freeway 16 winds its way by means of beautiful landscapes total of dense forests and lush pastures.

Just shy of 10 miles afterwards at Boston, Highway 16 breaks out on the ridge tops and stays up there. The freeway then defines what I phone the “Ozarks Divide.” Creeks and rivers on the south aspect of the highway movement into the Arkansas River although people on the north facet movement into the White River. The consequence of remaining up on the ridges on Highway 16 is that you normally have stunning vistas and views on the two sides of the highway at the exact time – consequently my suggestion to call it the Ozarks Scenic Highlands Skyway.

Arkansas Highway 16
Views like this are why the writer assume Arkansas Highway 16 should be called the Ozarks Scenic Highlands Skyway.

Arkansas Highway 16: Look at for Deer…and Ben Hur?

The 161-mile journey from Fayetteville to Clinton normally takes up to four hours, based on how lots of stops you make. But if you do not stop together the way, you will pass up out on intriguing ordeals with the locals in those people distinctive locations with exceptional names.

For illustration, there is a small place on Highway 16 named Fallsville. At the minimum, I like the city for the irony of its name as a stop on a major-tier motorcycling road, taking into consideration it contains a 4-letter word for riders if there at any time was one particular. Fallsville is positioned at the western junction of Highway 16 and Arkansas Highway 21, and regardless of the odd name, it is a great place for a crack. Besides the fantastic streets, it is destinations like Fallsville that make the Ozarks marvelous for riders who want to practical experience the neighborhood lifestyle.

If you are inclined to just take a hike (not a excellent strategy in July or August) you can go to Glory Hole Falls, 5.7 miles northeast of Fallsville on Freeway 16/21. It is stunning, particularly when the h2o is flowing speedy. The hike is a mile each way, downhill to the falls and uphill on the way back again.

Arkansas Highway 16
Recognized as the “Glory Hole,” following a rainstorm, water rushes down the hillside from higher than and makes a lovely waterfall. Photograph by J.P. Bell.

Twenty miles east of Fallsville (and about 11 miles past where by Highway 16 splits off Highway 21) is a veritable metropolis as opposed to Fallsville. The city of Deer has 1 comfort store and a public college whose mascot is cleverly named the Antlers. Only in the Ozarks!

A few of miles past Deer, Freeway 16 joins Arkansas Highway 7 heading south, where by the roads occupy the same suitable-of-way and ultimately be part of Arkansas Freeway 123. This trifecta of outstanding Arkansas highways – 7, 16, and 123 – are all dynamite streets. Highway 7 is revered as “Scenic 7.” Highway 123, like 16, is a lesser-acknowledged highway that need to be on every rider’s bucket list.

Arkansas Highway 16
Freelance author Teri Conrad requires a break at the junction of Arkansas highways 16 and 27. There are no lousy using streets in this spot.

The streets go their separate means at Sand Gap – previously Grand Gap and Pelsor – where you’ll find the old-time Hankins State Keep. For the duration of peak driving time, hold all around a whilst and you’re sure to satisfy riders from all more than the place.

Arkansas Highway 16
Don Hankins ran the 1922-era Hankins Country Retail store in Pelsor for yrs. It recently reopened beneath new possession.

As a lot as I like Deer, my most loved put title along the way has got to be the dot on the map referred to as Ben Hur, which has no shop or firms. It’s just a small group with a terrific identify. According to an write-up in the Arkansas Moments, the city was named in honor of actor Charlton Heston, presumably a nod to his 1959 film of the identical name. In Heston’s twilight years, he reportedly requested the city fathers to take into consideration renaming it “Cold Dead Hand” but to no avail.

Arkansas Highway 16
Between Fayetteville and Clinton, Arkansas Freeway 16 intersects various other superb state highways, which includes 7, 21, 23, 27, and 123.

There are dust roads winding off throughout the space on either side of Highway 16. One particular of my most loved routes is the Hurricane Wilderness Ramble, which starts in Deer. These are amazing streets for ADV riders. But regardless of what you trip, you will take pleasure in traipsing across this twisty Ozarks Scenic Highlands Skyway.


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