Is This The Ultimate Expedition RV? UNICAT Expedition Vehicle MD83H MAN TGS 33.540 6X6


I dig RVs, and I really dig Expedition Motor vehicles, so when you merge the two into a little something particular like this UNICAT right below, I’m all in. This 1 is amazing as hell, fully able, and the spec sheet is very long as hell. The good thing is this online video provides a entire wander by way of of the overall rig, and I dig it. Enjoy and let me know what you imagine!

Wouldn’t you want to consider this factor on a highway vacation via any place your coronary heart desires? Yeah, me much too.

Video clip Description and UNICAT Specs:

This time we present a car developed 10 years back, but nonetheless latest and well managed today.

Guy TGS 33.480 6×6 M-Taxi

Wheel foundation 4500 + 1400 mm (177″ + 55″)

Motor performance 353 kW / 480 hp,

Euro 4 12-speed gearbox “MAN TipMatic Offroad” Transfer circumstance with off-street equipment reduction

All wheel travel with central differential lock

Differential lock in entrance and rear axle

Parabolic leaf springs

Drum brakes with Abdominal muscles Tires 16.00 R 20 tubeless with beadlocks

2 chamber gas tanks, capacity 800 liters (211 US gallons)

Fuel prefilter with drinking water separator

Entire body Length 8300 mm (327″), width 2480 mm (98″), peak 2205 mm (87″) 17,990 kg (39,660 lbs)

Over-all proportions Size 10927 mm (430″), width 2480 mm (98″), peak 3902 mm (154″)

All facts and photos below:…

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