Can We Change The Clock’s Position On Windows 10/11 Lock Screen?

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The lock monitor in Home windows 11 and Windows 10 appears to be incredibly comparable. The only apparent variance is the placement of the clock and the day on the monitor.

In Home windows 11, the clock exhibits up at the leading-center of the lock screen, whereas in Windows 10, the clock seems at the bottom left of the display. Moreover that, the font applied for the date and clock is unique in Windows 11 and Home windows 10.

Equally Windows 11 and 10 present many options to personalize the lock monitor. For example, you can alter the track record, set a Bing featured image as the lock display qualifications (called Windows spotlight), and pick which applications can display comprehensive position on the lock display screen.

However, the lock screen configurations site in Home windows 11/10 does not give any location to change the clock’s place on the lock display. For instance, you can not transfer the clock to the heart or bottom proper of the lock screen.

Many users talk to if there is a workaround to transform the clock place on the lock display.

Regretably, as of now, Windows 11/10 does not give a way to improve the clock place on the lock screen. Moreover, there is no solution in the Home windows Registry to transfer the clock posture either. Apart from that, there is no third-social gathering software that can make this take place.

So, in limited, it is not possible to transform the position of the lock display screen in Home windows 11 and Windows 10.

We will update this posting if and when a workaround is obtainable to improve the clock position on the lock screen.

Idea: You can promptly see the lock monitor or lock your Home windows 10/11 Laptop applying the Windows symbol + L hotkey.

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