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Have you thought about the importance of a first impression? Well, the same thing happens with the app logo, since it allows us to associate a name with a person and, therefore, the importance of the logo lies in the fact that an app’s logo is the first impression that your potential clients will have. If this is successful, it will get them to associate it with you and your product.

In this sense, the app logo is relevant because it gives a professional image to your business. The logo is similar to the fingerprint. It is what allows us to be recognized and has the advantage of being much simpler than an image or text. Therefore, when you decide to have an app logo made, you should try to ensure that it communicates your values, quality, and added value.

Thus, in this article, we will highlight the reasons you should have an app logo to attract the eyes of your target audiences and make a good impression. Therefore, we will address how to design an app logo, three simple steps for you to design your app logo, applications that can help you create the best app logos of 2022.

Pour yourself some tea in your favorite mug, and let’s get started!

How to design an app logo?

How to design an app logo

Then, we will talk about the simple tips and recommendations that will allow you to design your own app logo. So it can represent you and impact your future clients. These are:

Get inspired

When it comes to an app logo, you must consider the field that your app involves. This allows future clients to easily identify the service you are providing and is perfect for making your profession known to the world. For this reason, we suggest you integrate them into your idea.

Study other app logos 

Another tip for creating an app logo is that you see references of successful apps’ logos and, where possible, that you can invest in the design of a logo that represents the values and style of your app.

Select a quality font

One option in creating your app logo is to use only typography, without the need to accompany it in an image, and if this is your decision, you must be clear:

  1. The font you choose for the app logo should represent your app and the message you want to convey.
  2. Pick a legible font and make it can be seen on your website or the app store.

You should be aware of the type of typeface since choosing a typeface for your photo editing app logo is not the same as selecting a typeface for a video converter app logo.

Choose the logo that represents your brand

The app logo must give your clients an idea about your brand. Therefore, it is relevant that the images that are going to be chosen in the design of your logo are chosen well. For this, choose a relevant icon that captures the personality of your brand to start your logo creation.

Add brand color to your logo

Add brand color to your logo

The colors in the app logo are striking, as long as they are in harmony with the design. For this reason, various logos for apps use 1 or 2 colors. Usually, the combination is between a neutral tone and another colorful one. If you’re looking for logo ideas, check out these app logo designs in DesignEvo for people to identify your business.

Make it scalable and versatile 

Your app logo will be presented in different formats, which is why it must be scalable to different sizes (app store, web page, letter printing, and mobile web page, etc.) In this sense, you must create an app logo that works in different sizes and is readable on various devices.

3 easy steps to create your app logo

Once you are aware of what your app logo should have in mind, we will proceed to guide you in creating the best app logo. You have probably spent time in front of your computer looking for inspiration to create a perfect logo that represents your brand.

Currently, there are several free logo creation applications with fonts included that allow you to customize your logo. Want to know how to achieve your app logo design? We present three simple steps:

  1. Design elements: Consider color, font, and gradient possibilities. For this, it is important to know your target customer and the added value of your brand.
  2. Icons: It is not necessary to have a symbol in your app logo. You can only decide on a typeface. In this way, ask yourself if you really want an icon or just typography.
  3. Sketches: Although there are default logo designs, trust your imagination. No one but you knows what idea you have to create the app logo. Therefore we invite you to draw several drafts to remember what you are looking for.

If you are a novice in design but want to make an app logo yourself, we leave you an easy to use too below.

DesignEvo, free logo maker

Create Your App Logo for Free and in a Few Minutes

The creation of an elegant app logo is possible thanks to the DesignEvo logo maker (free or paid) that allow you to choose between:

  • Images with dynamic approaches.
  • All types of icons for a different field.
  • Bold fonts.

DesignEvo is a logo maker that offers you 10,000+ logo templates designed harmoniously and innovatively. The logo that DesignEvo generates for you is fully customizable, which is why, when choosing a template, you can freely edit it with:


Elegant typography.

Aesthetic and harmonic format.

Final words

Now that you know how to make an app logo, we hope you will consider the tips and applications that we have mentioned to create the successful logo you have been looking for so much.

We recommend you make sketches and know your audience so that it impacts the minds of your potential clients. We wish you success in creating your app logo!

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