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I like USB hubs. I would be lying if I reported that I did not use them for every thing. Why? Mainly because I normally use them to retain my products connected. I know that USB hubs can be pretty inefficient when it comes to transfer speeds at periods but damnit, I want to have as a lot of devices connected to my gaming Personal computer as feasible with little to no problem. Have you found the back of my circumstance? Accurately.

However, up until now I under no circumstances actually deemed having a USB hub that also has a show. Contact it nuts, but I constantly assumed that equipment like these would be a little bit unnecessary. Soon after dealing with the DOCKCASE Intelligent Hub… That view has only transformed a little as there are some terrific perks at the rear of making use of one particular of these undesirable boys.

Let us dive a bit into the history below. The DOCKCASE USB Hub has a bit of history as it was initially launched on Kickstarter. This job garnered $91,894 USD in donations from Kickstarter backers and was shipped to backers in January 2022. Continue to keep the Kickstarter in brain as it will make an epic return afterwards in this assessment.

From the outset, this product or service sells itself as a capable USB hub. It has a few USB-A ports, a significant-velocity USB-C port for info, and an HDMI 2. port. The USB-A ports all aid USB 3.. Additionally, the DOCKCASE 7-in-1 USB Smart Hub also has an more slot for SD/TF Memory Playing cards and a 100W PD USB-C port on one particular facet, which you can use on your laptop computer to obtain electric power.

I will put a disclaimer in this article and say that I did not test the ability capabilities of the DOCKCASE Hub. Though I would’ve required to, this functionality is tied to laptops and Apple pcs. If there is certainly just about anything to go by from my preceding reviews, it is that I am majorly targeted on higher-functionality Pc CPUs, so I don’t will need a charger. But, if you are nevertheless curious about how a DOCKCASE solution handles Mac devices, I recommend you verify out our Macbook Professional adapter review.

On the other hand, just about every other operate of the hub was put to the check. And sad to say, I have my gripes with this Hub. While it unquestionably helps with some of my main difficulties when it comes to connecting peripherals jointly, it also isn’t going to do it devoid of a number of hiccups. Sadly, some of these problems may possibly be big transform-offs for some end users, particularly those who are going to acquire this variety of unit on the go.

Let us start with the cable that arrives with the hub. It is really very small. The 100W USB-C 3.1 cable Is only 9 inches long, and it shows. I was not able to join it to the again of my scenario simply because it would typically slide off owing to how quick this cable was. I had to use a great deal of prolonged cable peripherals even though awkwardly positioning the hub on best of just one of my rig’s fans.

Another challenge that exhibits the flaws of the cable (and its port) is just how flimsy it is. A lot more generally than not, I experienced disconnections from the hub by itself just mainly because it was moved a bit from the tugging of a cable. Thoughts you, these challenges are taking place in a stationary gadget, think about how cumbersome it would be to use it in a moving ecosystem like in any common circumstance the place you use a laptop computer.

It can be honestly form of odd to see some thing like this taking place because the machine is not constructed badly by any usually means. The factor is made from zinc alloy and tempered glass. It has managed to endure very a number of drops. The USB-A Ports also never have this problem and have remained steadily connected. Only the USB-C 3.1 cable has been supplying me a tough time.

Let’s discuss about the most outstanding component of the DOCKCASE 7-in-1 USB Hub: The Display. it is one of the greatest marketing points I could’ve seen in a dock. A person that I did not even know I necessary right up until I started off applying this machine. See, the neat issue is that the display reveals a lot of details about the products that are linked to the Hub.

The dock’s Hd Display delivers info pertaining to which connections are lively, what variety of connections they are, and how speedy they move information. Not only that, but it really is also capable of looking at the data of your HDMI system. And as you can see earlier mentioned, it even gives you information on its Serial variety and its producer.

On the other hand, when it comes to displaying an graphic on this matter… Effectively, I suppose this is a wonderful time to point out that Kickstarter marketing campaign yet again. All over the campaign’s remarks part, you may be in a position to see tons of problems from disgruntled buyers conversing about issues with the device. From specified aspects of the dock not doing work as intended to even some problems concerning the HDMI port.

This USB Hub is not very good at outputting an picture on to the display screen in spite of currently being connected at its default method. This usually means that you have to tinker with the thing’s configurations (by making use of a SIM eject resource to press a button down below one particular of the USB-A ports) to mainly obtain the location that suits your display screen.

I put in a grand total of three hours messing about with this machine, in essence tests several frequencies and even working with the Bypass setting. When the impression lastly confirmed up, it came devoid of audio, which intended that I mainly squandered my time, and then I proceeded to plug my HDMI back again into my RTX 3070.

Loads of end users have to facial area this difficulty, and however, it would seem to be a significant issue among the Kickstarter backers. So this surely isn’t really an isolated situation. So, I would not recommend receiving this for the HDMI capability as it is very rough all around the edges, to say the the very least.

At the quite least, I have some positives to say about this gadget relating to the USB ports them selves. Each one particular of the peripherals I related (headphones, controllers, mice, and keyboards) has managed to respond rather perfectly to each and every a person of my inputs.

The lag is almost unnoticeable. This stunned me as I anticipated to have at minimum a little bit of hold off when working with this device (as previous experiences with USB hubs have led me to consider). Continue to, the DOCKCASE USB Hub undoubtedly gave me a wonderful effect even though utilizing my gaming peripherals.

Moreover, when I analyzed my USB transfer speeds, I was pleasantly stunned with how very well the Hub was adapting by itself to the abilities of the products I connected. Even some thing as primary as a USB flash drive was transferring data files at regular speeds (10MB/s), and the velocity hardly ever dropped.

The TF/SD Card reader did not disappoint, either. A copying process of a 1GB dummy file took only 40 seconds with a dependable pace of 25MB/s. If you’re a user that runs external challenging drives, this system will enable you be far more productive in constant file transfers and managing. The additional information and facts that the dock offers is a pleasant reward.

General even though, the DOCKCASE 7-in-1 USB Good Hub unquestionably leaves a whole lot to be wanted in phrases of its features. However, a lot of of its meant customers are bugged, and their fixes are quite cumbersome and unintuitive for your informal user to accomplish. There are some terrific positives, and I will undoubtedly retain employing this for my gaming peripherals. However, I feel this unit fails to be far more than your regular hub with a increased inquiring cost.

Goods pointed out in this put up


This USB Hub is excellent in a large amount of areas but has particularly awful flaws in other people. Although the connectivity and transfer speeds are consistent and fast, it also suffers from a great deal of bugs in other capabilities. Although these concerns may be fixed at a later on level, it is even now hard to advise this gadget to anyone other than an enthusiast that is hunting to have a marginally much better USB hub than many others that can be observed in the sector for cheaper.

  • Fantastic and dependable speeds for all USB gadgets&#13
  • The HDMI operates after you set it up
  • The USB-C cable that powers the gadget is way much too limited&#13
  • The HDMI characteristic involves a lot of function to set up&#13
  • It truly is not definitely functional for buyers who move all around a great deal&#13
  • There are other hubs that can complete improved for much less expensive

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