EaseUS Video Converter Review

If you are looking for a video converter that is easy to use and can handle various conversions, you should check out EaseUS Video Converter. This software is straightforward to use – you add the videos you want to convert to the program, select the desired format, and hit Convert.

EaseUS Video Converter is an all-in-one video converter that can convert videos from one format to another. It also supports editing functions such as cropping, trimming, and adding effects. In this review, we will look at the features of the EaseUS Video Converter and how it performs in different conversion scenarios.

EaseUS Video Converter Review

EaseUS Video Converter is a video or audio converter that can convert files in 1000+ formats to 4K resolution at 30 times the speed of other similar applications. Even a beginner can use this application to convert videos in minutes with its user-friendly interface.

Here are some of the features of the EaseUS Video Converter:

1000+ formats supported

EaseUS supports 1000+ formats to convert videos more than most video converters. This ensures that you can convert any video file to the format you need. You can convert AVI to MP4 and in many other formats.

8K resolution supported

EaseUS also supports up to 8K resolution, perfect for those who want to enjoy high-resolution videos.

30 times faster speed

Other free video converters can only convert videos at a fraction of the speed of the EaseUS Video Converter. This means that you can convert your videos in minutes with this software.

Lossless conversion

EaseUS also supports lossless video conversion. This ensures that you can convert your videos to any format without losing their original quality or resolution, just like the original video.

Batch conversion

You can also convert multiple videos simultaneously with the EaseUS Video Converter. This is perfect for those who want to convert many videos in a short amount of time.

Audio Converter

The EaseUS Video Converter also doubles as an Audio Converter. This means that you can convert your audio files to any format you want without losing quality. You can convert audio to video in no time with just a few clicks.

Audio Extractor

With this unique function, you can extract the audio from a video to become an MP3 file. This is great if you have a video with just music or a particular scene in the video where there is no talking.

Merge Files

You can also merge multiple files with this software. This is perfect for those who want to join two or more videos into one.

24/7 technical support

EaseUS also offers 24/7 technical support if you encounter any problems while using the software.

System Requirements for EaseUS Video Converter

Here are the minimum system requirements for the EaseUS Video Converter:

  • Windows 11/10/8.1/8/7 (32 bit & 64 bit)
  • 256MB or above RAM
  • Apple, Android, Samsung, Huawei, HTC, LG, Google, Sony, etc. devices
  • 750MHz Intel/ AMD CPU or above processor
  • 100MB or above Hard Disk

With these specs, you can be sure that almost any computer with a modern operating system like Windows will be able to run this software without any issues.

How to use an EaseUS Video Converter?

Here are step by step instructions for using the EaseUS Video Converter:

Step 1: Download and launch the application. Once it’s launched, you will see a user-friendly interface perfect for beginners who want to convert videos in just minutes.

EaseUS Video Converter Review

Step 2: Select your file under “Choose Files.” You will be asked to select the file on your computer.

How to use an EaseUS Video Converter 2

Step 3: Once you select the video, you can choose the format to change by clicking the settings button. You can choose the type and quality of the file you want to convert.

How to use an EaseUS Video Converter 3

Step 4: Once you select all the options, hit the “Convert” button. It will start converting your file into the file format you have chosen.

How to use an EaseUS Video Converter 4

Step 5: DONE! Your files will be converted in no time. You can find them in the Finished tab or directly find them in the folder you have selected.

That’s how easy it is to convert files using the EaseUS Video Converter. It’s perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to convert videos in just minutes.

Pros and Cons of EaseUS Video Converter


  • Supports 1000+ formats
  • Converts videos at a much faster speed than other video converters
  • Lossless conversion for high-quality videos
  • Batch conversion for multiple files
  • Audio converter and extractor
  • Merge files
  • 24/7 technical support


  • None that I found


Is EaseUS video converter completely free?

Nope, it is a freemium tool. You get the free version and premium version with some extra features.

Does the EaseUS video converter have a watermark?

Nope, it does not have any watermark or branding.

Is EaseUS video Converter good?

It is an easy-to-use and perfect video converter tool for beginners and advanced users.


EaseUS Video Converter is perfect for anyone who wants to convert videos on their computer. It’s easy to use, has a user-friendly interface ideal for beginners, and supports many of the most popular formats available. You should check it out!

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