Excel Mouse Scroll Not Working? Try These Fixes

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Are you acquiring a tricky time scrolling on Excel? This difficulty could be impacting your efficiency. Get worried not, the fixes are genuinely uncomplicated and it will be solved in no time. 

Microsoft Excel has certain characteristics that disable scrolling. Functions like “Freeze panes” and “IntelliMouse” limit you from scrolling. Your Excel worksheet could possibly not respond to scrolling. Or, when you use the mouse wheel, it might zoom as an alternative of scrolling.

We’ve compiled all possible triggers for this difficulty together with its fixes.

Why Is My Mouse Scroll Not Performing in Excel?

The most widespread bring about of this difficulty is frozen panes. “Freeze panes” is a characteristic on Microsoft excel. You can freeze sure rows and columns so that they will be visible while you function on other columns. Although the rows and columns are frozen, you are unable to scroll by them. You may have turned this on unintentionally.

However, there are other variables that could possibly have brought about your mouse scroll to not perform in Excel. The will cause are shown under:

  • Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse function turned on
  • Dialog box not closed
  • Hidden Columns

How to Take care of Mouse Scroll Not Working in Excel?

This difficulty is very popular among Excel consumers. In particular, those people who just commenced working with Excel. Fortuitously, the fixes are rather uncomplicated, so you don’t will need to be concerned.

Prior to going by the other fixes, you can check if any dialog boxes are open. When you develop a device from the ribbon, a new window opens with extra configurations. The window is called a dialog box.

You may possibly have opened a dialog box and forgot to close it. When a dialog box is open up, you are not able to scroll. So, make guaranteed you have closed all the other Excel home windows.

If that is not the scenario for you, you may possibly consider the other fixes:

Unfreeze Panes

You might have issues scrolling by your worksheet mainly because you unintentionally turned on “freeze panes”. To transform this off, you can comply with these steps:

  1. Go to the Watch tab on the top section of your monitor.
  2. Decide on Unfreeze Panes.unfreeze-panels

Disable IntelliMouse

“Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse” is a attribute on Excel that when turned on shrinks and enlarges Excel cells with the mouse wheel. When this is turned on, your scroll wheel is used for altering the sizing of Excel cells. To flip this off, follow these techniques:

  1. Click on on the File tab in Excel.
  2. Go to Solutions.options
  3. Click on the “Innovative” solution.
  4. Uncheck “Zoom on roll with IntelliMouse

Unhide Columns

If you see a double line among columns, it signifies that the columns are hidden. It is doable that you have hidden all the columns. And, that may possibly be the reason why you can’t scroll. To unhide the columns, you can follow these measures:

  1. Click on on the Double Line among the columns.
  2. Proper-click on on it and find Unhide.

Examine Your Keyboard

The keyboard may also be dependable for this challenge. You may be holding your shift key or your Ctrl critical. Keeping the change key disables scrolling and holding the Ctrl crucial changes the functionality of the mouse wheel to zooming alternatively of scrolling. The keys may well have gotten caught. In this circumstance, you will need to thoroughly clean your keyboard.

Also, verify if your scroll lock is on. A good deal of end users neglect scroll lock and that could possibly just be the motive for your issue. Also, inspect your touchpad. Look if there is some thing interrupting the touchpad, this kind of as your hands, which can also cause this challenge.

Connected Issues

Can I Use Excel Without having a Mouse?

It is feasible to use Excel completely on Keyboard. Applying Excel with a keyboard is substantially far more efficient than making use of a mouse. On the other hand, you have to be proficient with the shortcuts in Excel. So, you could want to look for for a checklist of shortcuts in Excel and learn them. Just after you memorize them, you will discover using Excel a lot easier. 

Why Just cannot I Scroll As a result of a Dropdown List in Excel?

You could have recognized that you can only use the arrow keys to scroll through a dropdown list in Excel. Having said that, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll as a result of them. To do this, you have to hover your cursor over the scroll bar in the dropdown menu. 

How to Scroll Working with Arrow Keys in Excel?

You can scroll through an Excel worksheet utilizing arrow keys. If you are not capable to do this, your scroll lock may well be turned on. You could look at turning off the scroll lock in advance of you use the arrow keys. If you really do not have a scroll lock on your keyboard, you can use a virtual keyboard. 

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