Fortnite Chapter 3 quest guide: Season 3, week 4 quests

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As usually, a new 7 days indicates a new batch of Fortnite challenges. This time, for Time 3, week 4, you will have a great deal of new means to gain struggle go XP, with objectives that involve you to go to particular places all-around the map, although also utilizing new mechanics released this season. Over-all, the quests this 7 days are not as well hard, but you are going to have an less complicated time if you know where by to go.

Below are all the new Week 4 challenges with walkthroughs for completing all of them in Fortnite.

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Period 3, week 4 quests

  • Hurt Opponents Although in a Car or truck (250)
  • Damage Constructions with an E-11 Blaster Rifle (15)
  • Knock Down Timber Pines with a Ripsaw Launcher (5)
  • Mantle On to an Edge Inside of 3 Seconds of Sliding (3)
  • Plant a Fact Seed at Sunflower’s Saplings or at Fungi Farm (1)
  • Lookup Chests or Ammo Boxes at Crashed IO Airships (2)
  • Journey 500 Meters in the Slipstream All-around Rave Cave (500)

Season 3, week 4 quest tutorial

Problems Opponents When in a Car (250)

Kicking issues off is an aim that demands you to be in a auto whilst dishing out destruction to your opponents. For most effective effects, land somewhere at Rocky Reels, wherever you’ll come across plenty of automobiles and loot. Make guaranteed you get a mid to extensive-selection weapon you are cozy with, like an assault rifle, and as you rotate absent from the storm, be on the lookout for enemies. The moment you spot a person, you should really change seats so you can fire from within the motor vehicle. Immediately after dealing 250 injury, you’ll gain credit rating for finishing this quest. Simple peasy.

Demolish Buildings with an E-11 Blaster Rifle (15)

Map of The Joneses in Fortnite.

For this a single, you will need to get your hands on the E-11 Blaster Rifle, which can be an troublesome course of action if you really do not have luck on your aspect. We really suggest landing on the northeastern section of The Joneses (proven on the map earlier mentioned), where you’ll discover a tiny hut and a chest that has a possibility of dropping the E-11 Blaster. It is acquired a very low drop rate, but if you perform generally, you are bound to come throughout it inevitably. After you’ve obtained the weapon, simply wipe out 15 structures with it and you are going to total the obstacle.

Knock Down Timber Pines with a Ripsaw Launcher (5)

Map of warehouse on the north side of Fortnite island.

To finish this quest, you will require to check out the northern area of the map, in which you are going to obtain a significant warehouse that contains the Ripsaw Launcher. Head within, and on the most important flooring, you will come across Ripsaw Launchers hanging on a wall above a desk. Soon after this, go to Logjam Lotus to chop down trees working with the Ripsaw Launcher to earn credit rating for this quest. Keep in mind, you have to have to lower down five of them for it to rely. You can also discover a Ripsaw Launcher from chests all over the map.

Mantle Onto an Edge Inside of 3 Seconds of Sliding (3)

There are lots of spots to entire this obstacle, but you are going to have an simpler time if you go to a gasoline station. There are a good deal of these about the map, these types of as the just one straight northeast of Rocky Reels. Just slide by the spot with the gasoline pumps and then quickly bounce up to the roof earlier mentioned inside of 3 seconds to total this aim.

Plant a Actuality Seed at Sunflower’s Saplings or at Fungi Farm (1)

Map of Fungi Farm and Sunflower Saplings in Fortnite.

As we covered in our week quest guide, you will will need to get your palms on a Reality Seed for this obstacle. These are identified in the Actuality Falls region in huge bulbs that can be ruined, revealing the Seeds. Right after you have located just one, visit either Sunflower Saplings or Fungi Farm and plant the Seed there. It’s greatest to go to Fungi Farm because it is closest to Truth Falls, but both 1 will perform. The map over displays their spots.

Look for Chests or Ammo Packing containers at Crashed IO Airships (2)

Map of crashed IO airships in Fortnite.

Above is a map of all the crashed IO airships close to the island. To entire this obstacle, you require to open up two chests or ammo boxes at any of the places earlier mentioned. Keep in mind, this is cumulative and doesn’t need to be finished all in just one match.

Journey 500 Meters in the Slipstream Around Rave Cave (500)

Character flying through Slipstream in Fortnite.

The least difficult way to comprehensive this obstacle is to land inside of the Slipstream as shortly as a match begins. It’s very best if you land within just the stream on the southwestern aspect. The Slipstream is uncovered all all-around Rave Cave, so consider and placement on your own at the begin of it and if completed the right way, you’ll float to the north side of this region. You are going to want to go again to the start off on the southern side a number of times to total this quest, so hold that in mind. This aim is cumulative, so you can make development throughout various matches.

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