How to Find Available Memory Slots on Windows 11

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How to Find Available Memory Slots on Windows 11

RAM or Random Entry Memory is one particular of the most significant hardware components that decide your PC’s efficiency. Ordinarily, 4GB of RAM on a Laptop is sufficient for day-to-working day action, but if you want to operate hefty program this kind of as Photoshop, Adobe Premiere Pro, and many others., it is suggested to have at minimum 8GB of RAM.

Dependent on your needs, you may occasionally want to increase or update the RAM in your Home windows 11 computer. Though introducing far more RAM to a laptop is very straightforward, your motherboard should have an supplemental memory slot. If your motherboard does not have any added memory slot still left, getting a new RAM Adhere can make no perception.

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3 Means to Find Available Memory Slots on Windows 11

So, in advance of paying for a new RAM stick, assure that your motherboard has an added slot remaining for the new addition. The very good issue is that you do not have to have to open up the chassis of your Computer system to verify the readily available RAM slot you will need to use both the Undertaking Manager or CMD/PowerShell to verify the out there memory slot in Home windows 11.

1) Verify Out there Memory Slots by way of Undertaking Manager

You can use Home windows 11’s Task Manager to test the obtainable memory slots. Here are some of the easy techniques you will need to observe.

1. Very first, simply click on the Windows 11 search and variety Task Manager. Next, open up the Job Manager app from the listing.

Task Manager

2. On the Undertaking Supervisor, change to the Effectiveness tab on the still left sidebar.


3. On the General performance screen, pick out Memory.


4. On the right pane, scroll down and look at the Slots applied.

check the Slots used

That’s it! The slots made use of area will display no matter if or not your motherboard has an more memory slot.

2) Discover Available Memory Slots through PowerShell

Like the Job Manager, you can also use the PowerShell utility to uncover obtainable memory slots on Windows 11. Just follow some of the very simple ways we have shared beneath.

1. Initial, click on the Windows 11 research and type PowerShell. Upcoming, open the PowerShell utility from the list of alternatives.


2. On the PowerShell, execute the command:

Get-WmiObject -Class "Get32_PhysicalMemoryArray"

execute the command

3. The digit below the Memory Gadgets suggests the complete selection of memory slots on your motherboard.

Memory Devices

Which is it! This is how you can use Windows 11’s PowerShell to obtain the accessible memory slots.

3) Come across Out there Memory Slots by way of Command Prompt

You can also use Command Prompt to locate available memory slots on Home windows 11 desktops. Here’s what you want to do.

1. Simply click on the Windows 11 search and style in Command Prompt. Upcoming, open up the Command Prompt application from the record of matching benefits.

Command Prompt

2. On the Command prompt, paste the specified command and hit the Enter button.

wmic Memphysical get MaxCapacity, MemoryDevices

paste the given command

3. The digit less than the Memory Devices column suggests the overall memory slot on your motherboard.

Memory Devices column

That is it! This is how you can find out there memory slots on Windows 11 through Command Prompt utility.

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Just before upgrading your laptop or computer, it’s most effective to have as a great deal facts about your system as doable. It is advised to look at your PC’s full specification on Home windows 11 before upgrading the components parts. So, that’s all about how to find out there memory slots on Home windows 11. If you want any a lot more aid, let us know in the feedback.

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