How to Wreck Your Foes With Junker Queen in the Overwatch 2 Beta

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Junker Queen is the major attraction in the next Overwatch 2 beta, which released on June 28. She enters the roster as an intense new tank hero who wields a shotgun, ax, knife and jaw-dropping ab muscles. 

If you have beta access and want to start ripping and tearing as the Junker Queen, be all set to cost into the entrance traces and remain up in people’s faces. She needs to be up near and actively working injury to be efficient, but if you study how to function all of her skills, she can be an absolute monster in struggle. 

I played only a handful of game titles as Junker Queen on day a person (initially tip: Locate some aid players to decrease your queue times), but I didn’t shed a single 1 of all those game titles. Based on that early knowledge, here are my strategies for actively playing as Junker Queen.

Apply your knife throws

Knife throws are the most difficult element of the Queen’s package but also the most vital. Junker Queen’s jagged knife (“Gracie”) improves her melee injury and can be thrown at enemies. If you stick an enemy, you can recall the knife to drag them toward you. Landing the knife promotions an preliminary burst of destruction, and specials hurt about time, which heals you. And dragging the enemy towards you provides them into selection of your close-assortment equipment like your ax (“Carnage”) and shotgun. 

Having said that, the knife travels alongside an arc, this means you have to be incredibly fantastic at predicting the place your concentrate on will be when you toss it. I recommend leaping into “Junker Queen Blade Massacre” custom online games, where by key fire is disabled and your knife and ax are both 1-hit kills. Fortunately, the knife toss is on a comparatively quick, six-next amazing down that commences when you throw it, so you must actively glimpse for possibilities to toss it, relatively than ready for the ideal second. 

Use your knife to displace enemies

Pulling enemies in variety of your significant-damage skills is the evident use of Junker Queen’s knife, but it really is a lot much more flexible than that. The knife can pull men and women vertically, generating it a good instrument to use from significant ground, creating pulled enemies an simple target for your teammates. Even improved, you can use it to yank enemies off the substantial ground, usually leaving them stranded in the middle of your complete team. 

Junker Queen throwing her knife

The Queen’s knife, “Gracie,” is a core element of her kit.


Continue to keep up wound damage

Junker Queen’s skills do problems about time, via what is recognised as wound hurt. Her passive potential heals her for 100% of wound damage dealt. Maintaining individuals wounds lively on enemies is the critical to surviving prolonged workforce fights mainly because it makes sure you’re constantly restoring HP no matter of what your supports are performing. Here is how a lot you are going to heal from diverse capabilities:

  • Jagged Knife (such as rapid melee): 15 HP
  • Carnage: 50 HP
  • Rampage: 100 HP

Note that Carnage and Rampage can strike many enemies with a person activation, so the whole healing can be even better. That’s in particular real of her supreme, Rampage, which dashes via enemies 25 meters in entrance of you — you can restore many hundred HP if you strike most of the enemy crew. 

Master to weave photographs in in between your qualities

Junker Queen’s blades do a great deal of problems, but they’re not more than enough to destroy anyone on their own, specially thinking about your enemies are very likely having healed though you’re combating them. To improve your harm output, find out to shoot in among your talents. Capturing right before and right after swinging your ax bargains a lot much more problems than the ax does by yourself. Similarly, if you land a person of your knife throws, fire your shotgun prior to you pull them in, and stick to up with one more shot or an ax swing as soon as they are close. 

Target on the squishies, not the enemy tank

Most tanks have some type of harm mitigation — think Orisa’s Fortify ability, D.Va’s Protection Matrix or Reinhardt’s significant protect. Junker Queen, on the other hand, is all damage all the time, with no way to decrease incoming injury. Put together with a deficiency of armor for the Queen, that usually means most other tanks have a main edge from you in a 1v1. Although it is tempting to get the tank duel to acquire glory above your tank-participating in opponent, you can get a whole lot far more benefit by concentrating on the enemy destruction and support heroes, who are a lot less difficult for you to burn up down. A single ax swing and shotgun shot can just take down a 200-HP hero if that hero will not get any healing. Two photographs, or a well-aimed headshot can acquire down the hero even by healing.

Junker Queen spinning her axe

To gain as Junker Queen, you want to keep in your opponents’ faces.


Use your Commanding Shout to interact or escape

Commanding Shout offers a speed boost and short term wellbeing to Junker Queen and nearby allies (notice that the Queen gets 200 momentary HP, when her allies get only 100). It is really a fantastic software for hurrying down enemies, specifically if your complete workforce is close to you. Try out to time engages for when your opponents are shifting by way of open up house the place they would not be equipped to retreat guiding protect. 

And whilst Junker Queen would never ever back again down from a struggle, she likely is aware of when it can be time to slow down and regroup. Commanding Shout is an fantastic escape instrument if a battle is likely the erroneous route — it offers you the health and fitness and speed to get behind address and regroup with your crew ahead of charging in yet again. That way, you avoid supplying the enemies greatest demand and ending up on a respawn timer. 

Position for near-quarters fights

Junker Queen would like to be up in her opponents’ faces. Make it simpler by positioning on your own in sites wherever they have to go past you but they won’t be able to poke you down from assortment. Hug doorways and arches and greet your opponents with a swing of the ax. Choke factors are the Queen’s friend, but you can want to wait off to the aspect so they have to force via the choke and occur to you to shoot you. 

For far more Overwatch 2 protection, test out our feelings on the first Overwatch 2 beta and how Overwatch 2 aims to take care of the very first game’s most important flaw.

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