Monitor performance counters on Intel processors using Counter Control

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The complexity in the performance of pcs has improved tremendously over the decades. There are lots of elements like multithreading, non-uniform memory, etc. that have a substantial impact on modern-day processors. In this guideline, we make clear to you a instrument or plan, Counter Handle that can aid you comprehend and watch Effectiveness Counters on Intel Processors.


Monitor performance counters on Intel processors using Counter Control

What are Effectiveness Counters?

General performance Counters supply method-level facts and logs of a variety of sorts of procedure performance like processor, memory, and disk use data. There are diverse tools to check the effectiveness counters on our processors which give us an interface to see the values and know, how the effectiveness of the processor is impacted by the several tasks that are operating.

Keep track of functionality counters on Intel processors employing Counter Regulate

Ahead of likely into Counter Management, you have to have to know that there are 3 fastened-functionality counters on Intel processors:

  • Manner – Disable
  • Mode 1 – OS (Ring )
  • Manner 2 – Consumer (Ring > )
  • Method 3 – All Ring Levels

Counter Handle application can help you check effectiveness counters and logs the “IA32_Set_CTR_CTRL” sign up of Intel Main processors, found at MSR 0x38D. The unique register gives access to the 3 sorts of general performance counters. With Counter Management, a person can know which program is applying the Intel fastened-function counters, and how extended they are employed.

Counter Management stories the Effectiveness Counters in the adhering to values.

  1. Not utilised – 0x000
  2. Defender – 0x222
  3. Typical – 0x330
  4. Warning – 0x332

Let’s get into the particulars of each and every a single.

1] Not applied – 0x000

It indicates that none of the a few preset-purpose counters are in use. They are stopped without any usage.

2] Defender – 0x222

This means that the three mounted-perform counters are programmed to method 2. Windows Defender sets the values to the counters when making use of them.

3] Regular – 0x330

In this, two preset-purpose counters are set to method 3, and 1 is established to manner and not being employed. Checking programs that use these counters will established the counter control register to this worth.

4] Warning – 0x332:

This implies that the two preset-perform counters are remaining utilized by the monitoring software program and the 3rd 1 is established to manner 2, most likely by Home windows Defender. It is a warning mainly because two distinctive courses are preventing for management in excess of the shared counters in between them. In the course of this, the Counter Control values continuously fluctuate with 0x222 and 0x332. You will see this transpire when you operate HWiNFO (Process information, checking, and diagnostics software) and the Windows Defender is hoping to use the IA32_Fastened function counters at the exact same time.

These are the diverse Performance counter values documented by Counter Manage. You can obtain it from

How to fix the Windows Defender Bug in Performance Counters

The effectiveness of your machine is impacted by the Windows Defender bug wherever the performance will be noticeably decreased as the Home windows Defender and other applications that use the Set-perform counters are fighting for comprehensive management of them. Home windows Defender randomly utilizes all seven hardware performance counters on the Intel Main Processors, that contain the three fastened general performance counters. Other courses may possibly also use them and overclock the CPU considering the fact that these are shared counters.

All the method utilities like HWiNFO, OCCT, Main Temp, and ThrottleStop established the counters to manner 3. Considering the fact that they are all set to the similar mode, there will be no challenge with the efficiency. Windows Defender on the other hand set these to manner 2 randomly and at random intervals. This makes conflict and hinders general performance.

You can take care of the Windows Defender Bug with ThrottleStop. It has a new element in the Solutions window called Windows Defender Strengthen. Examining this box will assist make certain optimum functionality and accurate Main Powerful Clock checking no matter if Windows Defender Genuine-time Security is enabled or not.

Examine: ThrottleStop: Monitor & disable CPU throttling on Windows laptops.

Monitor performance counters on Intel processors using Counter Control

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