Professionally Customize your PDF Files with Desygner PDF Editor

If you are a student, employee, businessman, or someone who constantly works with PDF files, editing them must probably be crucial for you. However, PDF files always appear to be fixed and uneditable. They are very easy to share and print. But still, most people think they can’t modify PDF files easily and correctly.

Professionally Customize your PDF Files with Desygner PDF Editor

Favorably, the Desygner PDF Editor allows you to effortlessly edit the uneditable and change what seems to be unchangeable. The Desygner PDF Editor comes with an innovative, powerful, and user-friendly design and editing tools. Indeed, all apps, editors, solutions, and services provided by Desygner are professionally designed and easy to use.

Their well-developed PDF editor contains helpful and functional features that completely allow you to generate professional edits on your PC and design them easily and painlessly. Everything with Desygner is editable – the text content, fonts, colors, images – yes, customizing PDF files will always be effortless and achievable.

The things you can do to your PDF files with the Desygner PDF Editor

The things you can do to your PDF files with the Desygner PDF Editor


  • You can modify and edit text. Most people are having a difficult time searching for ways on how they can edit the text on a PDF file. But with Desygner PDF Editor, you’re free to customize fonts, choose your preferred style and colors, and adjust the word spacing and lines. The text in your PDF files can also be moved and rotated!



  • The design of the PDF files can be changed. Just like what I stated earlier, with the Desygner PDF Editor, you can change the unchangeable. To others, the PDF design appears to be permanent. But with this editor, the layer order can be changed and the objects and elements can be cropped, rotated, and flipped. You’re also free to add or remove a design from the PDF file.



  • The images in the PDF file can be changed and replaced. You don’t like the images in your PDF file? With the Desygner PDF Editor, you can easily change those images with your preferred ones! The images from your gallery, camera roll, social media, hard drive, or computer can be used to replace the images in your PDF file. Desygner also offers millions of royalty-free images you can freely use.



  • You can freely edit vectors. Vectors are also images that are created through math formulas that set up points on a grid. These are some of the things that we want to edit. With the assistance of Desygner PDF Editor, customizing the stroke, color, size, and width of vector files is achievable. They offer thousands of free vectors, icons, text banners, and shapes.


What else can you expect and achieve with the Desygner PDF Editor?

What else can you expect and achieve with the Desygner PDF Editor

You can also keep your PDF files stored and organized into folders. With this reliable PDF editor, you’re free to customize and edit them at any moment you need to. After editing and designing your PDF files, you also have the option to save them as JPG or PNG files just in case you want to view them through an image format.

Moreover, the PDF files that you made in other PDF apps or programs can be easily uploaded in the Desygner. If you want to convert your PowerPoint presentation or WordTheme files into PDF, you can use Desygner as your converter.

You won’t have to worry about recreating an artwork that’s designed by a specific creative group. Because with the Desygner PDF Editor, each uploaded PDF file will turn into a new template that’s already editable and customizable.

You can even import PDF files with this editor. For example, you can design a PDF in Adobe Acrobat then import it into the Desygner PDF editor. After that, you can already offer it as a new template to anyone who needs it.

This guest post was written by Francis Dimaano. Francis is a freelance writer and an Info-Tech graduate student. He works at the Desygner in the comfort of his home. When he’s not writing, Francis spends time reading books, traveling around his country, volunteering, and feeding street children.

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