Roll20, DriveThruRPG, and Dungeon Master’s Guild Team Up

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A mockup of a virtual tabletop game in progress.

A mockup demonstrating a proposed integration of a DriveThruRPG products in the Roll20 interface
Picture: Roll20 x DrivethruRPG

Roll20 and OneBookShelf, the distribution platform for the substantial on the internet tabletop roleplaying match storefronts DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Master’s Guild, have declared that they are “leveling up” to sort a joint enterprise. They aim to generate a “seamless long term of cross-platform PDF support” and hope to start “synchronized material libraries” on Roll20.

Roll20 is the main virtual tabletop and makes it possible for for a team of close friends, or strangers, to enter into an online space and perform any tabletop sport they can finangle into the code. It is hugely adaptive, if marginally sophisticated to set up, and there are a lot of games that have character sheets now developed. What’s at present missing is what OneBookShelf is providing: the potential to conveniently and natively port in overall rulebooks for easy reference.

At the moment, Roll20 has a large person foundation of above 10 million gamers. This selection was bolstered across the pandemic when gamers were looking for techniques to continue enjoying their favored RPGs without having compromising their protection. OneBookShelf manages 11 ecommerce marketplaces—most notably for this merger, DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild.

The deal has some outstanding implications for the TTRPG neighborhood as a complete, permitting a lot of great articles to be shared conveniently and seamlessly. On the other hand, it also may well pose a difficulty for scaled-down marketplaces like, wherever several impartial designers post video games that are specialized niche or experimental, as effectively as other virtual tabletop corporations like RoleApp and Alchemy, who are functioning on carving out their possess niches inside the TTRPG realm.

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