Steam Deck SSD Downgrade Comes at a Cost Admits Valve, But Gameplay Should Be Unaffected

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As we noted yesterday, even though Valve has been increasing Steam Deck manufacturing, they’ve also quietly downgraded a key part heading into the device. Some (but not all) 256 GB and 512 GB Steam Deck types will now ship with a PCI convey 3. x2 SSD in its place of a PCI specific 3. x4 SSD. As you would be expecting, an x2 SSD presents close to half the writing and studying speed of an x4 SSD. The Deck site says this change will have no effect on “gaming functionality,” but people were understandably skeptical. Definitely, this improve would come at some kind of price?

The remedy is, of course, the SSD adjust will certainly occur at a value, but in accordance to comments Valve presented to Laptop Gamer, it won’t be a massive a person. Fundamentally, file transfer speeds will be slower in scarce scenarios, but owing to various hardware bottlenecks, the Deck was not seriously utilizing the whole bandwidth of the 4x SSD most of the time and therefore gameplay really should be mostly unaffected.

Steam Deck SSDs Quietly Downgraded in Some More recent 256 GB and 512 GB Models

SSD general performance is at present gated by things not connected to PCIe bandwidth. In extremely unheard of scenarios, discrepancies in go through/write pace caps may possibly minimally affect file transfer speeds, but OS overall performance, loading periods, activity performance, and sport responsiveness are similar in between the x2 and x4 drives.

As for why the adjust was quietly designed, Valve chalks it up to a provider challenge. The unspoken, is that Valve very likely expanded their provider pool in purchase to generate Steam Decks more immediately.

A lot of Steam Deck factors appear from various suppliers for improved redundancy and generation potential. A single of our SSD suppliers presents PCIe Gen 3 x4 NVMe SSDs, when yet another offers a x2 (2 lane) SSD. Our staff has examined equally parts thoroughly, and determined that there is no effects to efficiency amongst the two versions.

Steam Deck Q3 reservation e-mail get started heading out today, so test that inbox if you pre-ordered. What do you think? Is Valve’s clarification satisfactory? Or does the SSD downgrade influence your motivation for a Deck?

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