SwifDoo PDF Free Online Converter Review

At a time when PDFs have grown to become sophisticated, both in form and use, one program, SwifDoo PDF, has managed to keep up with all the changes.

SwifDoo software recognizes the need for comprehensive PDF options for a smooth and flawless workflow. It is a good program to create and adjust PDFs in a way that goes beyond what the usual PDF tools offer. Whether for desktop version or online version, SwifDoo PDF fits right in perfectly, all features in one place, and at no instance will you leave the app interface; every feature is consolidated in a single app.

SwifDoo PDF is available in desktop version or online version to suit the needs of every user depending on the features required. Reliability is also a middle name for this tool as it can be used across desktop, mobile, and web platforms to cater to both online and offline use.

Today, we mainly focus on the review of SwifDoo PDF Free online converter. It allows you to convert from PDF to MS Office formats (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), image formats (JPG), CAD (DWG), and HTML with this online PDF converter.

PDF to Microsoft Office Formats (Word, PowerPoint, Excel)

As one of the most universal productivity software, MS Office includes three widely used software, namely Word, PowerPoint, and Excel to process word, presentation, and workbook documents. The SwifDoo PDF Online Converter enables users to convert PDF to Word, Excel, and PowerPoint and vice versa. Hence, users don’t need to worry about how to edit a PDF document.

PDF to Image

JPG is a common digital image format with compressed image data. With SwifDoo PDF Online Converter, it’s not a problem to convert PDFs to images or vice versa. All PDF pages will be converted to a separate JPG file.


SwifDoo PDF Online Converter supports converting PDF to DWG, which is a familiar file format in the design industry. With vector image data and metadata, DWG is the default format for most CAD software. Users are now able to convert their PDFs into DWGs and vice versa.


HTML stands for HyperText Text Markup Language. To convert your PDF to HTML is SEO-friendly because search engines spend no effort in directly and easily reading the content within the document. For those who are searching for a PDF to HTML online converter, look no further than SwifDoo PDF Online Converter.

How to Convert PDFs Online for Free

Online PDF converters are usually easy to use, and SwifDoo PDF is with no exclusion. Here is the guide to convert PDF documents online:

Step 1: In the address bar, enter the URL https://www.swifdoo.com/convert-to-pdf;

How to Convert PDFs Online for Free 1

Step 2: Choose the feature you need, then click Choose file to upload PDF files from local folder;

How to Convert PDFs Online for Free 2

Step 3: When uploaded, the PDF will be automatically converted, just hit the Download button to output the needed file.


SwifDoo PDF Free Online Converter rides on the traits of being a fast, robust, and beautiful PDF converter, and lives to its name by providing all the necessary features for a comprehensive PDF experience. PDF to word, excel, PPT, image, HTML, CAD among other options, are a piece of cake for this program.

It has showcased its prowess by competing against the best of the best, Adobe Acrobat, and being way free to use without pricing on you. With that, SwifDoo PDF Free Online Converter is your best PDF tool across on desktop, mobile,MAC and web platforms .

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