Taliban founder’s Toyota Corolla dug up after spending 21 years buried


Afghanistan’s Nationwide Museum will quickly welcome an strange new exhibit: an E100-era Toyota Corolla station wagon that has been buried since 2001. The wagon was applied by Mullah Mohammad Omar, the Taliban’s founding chief, to escape American troops in 2001.

Omar relied on his humble Corolla to flee the town of Kandahar and escape to the province of Zabul soon just after the United States despatched troops into Afghanistan in the aftermath of the September 2001 terrorist attacks, in accordance to NBC. Even though parking the wagon in a garage would have been much easier than digging a automobile-sized gap, the Taliban leader was worried that American soldiers would know in which to find him if they found his motor vehicle. He therefore wrapped it in plastic and buried it subsequent to a mud wall in a spot that was held magic formula till lately.

Taliban forces resolved to exhume the Corolla in July 2022, about 10 decades right after Omar’s loss of life, as a way to demonstrate their energy adhering to the withdrawal of American troops from Afghanistan. Pictures printed on Fb by Pakistan-primarily based website page Karachi Track recommend that the Corolla has fared remarkably well. It is continue to wrapped in plastic and “mostly undamaged,” in accordance to a social media publish, however one of the exterior mirrors is broken. Crews are doing work on cleansing the Corolla, and it will ultimately be shown in the Afghanistan National Museum.

Not each individual vehicle that finishes up buried (for any reason) stays as intact as Omar’s Corolla. In 2020, a British gentleman found out a 1950s Ford Preferred 103E buried in his garden even though building a deck. It was set there as a time capsule in 1964 following a mechanic wrote it off, and investing practically 60 many years underground remaining it in horrible condition. We do not know what took place to it, but it isn’t going to sound like it went to a museum.

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