The Cadillac Celestiq Concept Looks Stunning in New Photos


As for what is actually powering the Celestiq, Cadillac hasn’t divulged the facts just yet. If we experienced to wager a guess, and this will arrive as no shock, the Celestiq will just about certainly be a battery electric auto. It most likely will use GM’s Ultium battery engineering and, in this sort of sort, the generation version would finally go head-to-head with the likes of the Mercedes-Benz EQS, BMW i7, Tesla Design S and Lucid Air.

Inside of the Celestiq is even much more visually arresting. A blood crimson topic operates all over the cabin, and red leather-based handles the doorways, seats, doorway panels and much more. You can find an almost artwork deco appear to the inside style and design, and we wouldn’t be stunned to see the Great Gatsby himself tooling about in the thought Caddy. And the seat controls in the doorway panel? You’d normally see those people on a preview of a manufacturing car, not some thing that was destined to die on a display stand. That little detail only lends much more credence to the thought that the Celestiq will finally discover its way on to supplier tons.

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