These Are the Coolest Cars You Saw Over the Weekend

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If previous significant rigs can be acknowledged, I saw a crap ton of them at the area Brockway truck demonstrate final Saturday. House built in Homer/Cortland NY, and individuals from practically all above appear to participate and have pleasurable. There is been trucks from Alaska to come in, for case in point

There was 1 old rig from the 30’s that was transformed to a tractor for farm use that still operates and there was an authentic college bus from the 40’s there also lol

Elsewise, a C8 Corvette was a highlight.

There was also a C6 with a spoiler about as higher as your nearby stoner, but like no other modifications that I noticed whilst driving. Absolutely baffled about that just one.

Regretably, I can only submit one particular image for every submission. That remaining mentioned, everything you posted was sweeeet. I do not know why, but the old bus speaks to me.

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