‘Westworld’ Season 4, Episode 3 Recap: Unleash the Flies

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What is up with me, you inquire? Oh, not much. Just hoping to overlook the Westworld scene where by a child’s robotic confront splits apart and a bunch of infected flies spill out. Not significantly at all. 

Launched Sunday, the third episode of time 4 is a odd one. Bernard returns from the Valley Beyond (aka The Elegant) with mysterious prophetic talents. We get an up-close glance at Chalores’ fly manufacturing facility, and then, as I described above, a host posing as Caleb’s daughter unleashes a wrath of the bugs on him.

I’m assuming you, like me, are pondering about everything that could take place up coming. As we wait for an update on Caleb’s destiny, let’s take a seem back again at the relaxation of episode 3. There will be eight episodes full in this period of HBO’s head-twisting sci-fi series, and I’m itching to see how all of these different storylines intersect (assuming they even do). Seize your trusty flyswatter, and let us get into it. 

Bernard is back

Eventually, we see a main character who hasn’t been about given that the year 3 finale – Bernard! At the commence of episode 3, he is in the Valley Over and above, a electronic airplane of existence we observed a bunch of Westworld hosts enter in year 2, leaving their bodily bodies at the rear of. 

When Bernard returns to his world from what seems like a quick face with Westworld host Akecheta in the Chic, his faithful pal Ashley Stubbs is there, and tells him decades have handed. It seems Stubbs has been by his facet all that time, ready for their subsequent move. (Bernard did improve Stubbs’ main directive to enable him back in year 3, but it would be incorrect to contact this bromance a pressured friendship). 

It really is ultimately uncovered that Bernard brought a little something again from his journey into The Chic (nope – not a snowglobe). Whilst there, Bernard could see “the worlds that could possibly have been, and all the worlds that could appear,” that means that now, he can kinda forecast the future. Also, he is on a mission to help you save the environment. 

The aim is to make confident they continue to be on the appropriate keep track of, he tells Stubbs. Most worlds conclusion in catastrophe, but if he can “trigger a sure collection of events,” then they might make it by. A observe: Even though in the Elegant earlier, Bernard admits that no paths finish with him nonetheless residing.

Luke Hemsworth in Westworld.

 Stubbs, played by Luke Hemsworth.

John Johnson/HBO

A mysterious weapon concealed in the desert

Bernard takes advantage of his newfound prophetic powers to very easily take down two adult men outside the house of a diner in the desert. A car pulls up, and Bernard displays the lady driving it an image of the well known Westworld Maze, which leads her to understand they are “with the result in.” Things in the automobile get a minimal tense, but then Bernard presents a severed head – a host head with a obvious-as-working day cortical defend within – and describes “they” have been making an attempt to infiltrate her group.  He asks that she take them to “the condemned lands” and she reluctantly obliges.

Later, soon after driving through the desert, Bernard, Stubbs and the female from the group pull to a prevent. Much more folks arise, and a chief-form character questions Bernard. Bernard explains that the dude (study: the head) was wanting for the firm, and they are in threat. Bernard states he desires to support the mysterious group – he is aware of they are looking for a weapon buried in the desert, and he can immediate them to it. 

Problems in ’20s world 

Meanwhile, Maleb (the duo of Maeve and Caleb) are nevertheless in the ’20s theme park. We see a little additional of it in the episode, and discover that it’s house to knockoffs – or as Maeve places it, “shabby imitations” – of Westworld hosts like Maeve, Dolores and Hector. Maeve works by using this to her edge, waiting around for the imitation of Hector (her ex-lover) to appear in and do what he would have done in Westworld – rob the Butterfly Club (in Westworld, it is really the Mariposa Saloon), then sneaking underground with the deceased hosts. 


Caleb would not know what to make of ’20s environment. 

John Johnson/HBO

Before long, they recognize it can be not the spot they are seeking for. In its place it can be a further stage to the video game – a reenactment of “the Westworld massacre,” with a gun-toting Dolores knockoff there to you should some aggravating attendees. Achieving one more floor through an elevator, Maleb finds them selves in the midst of something… peculiar. Drone hosts (the white Delos employee bees we’ve seen in former seasons) are doing one thing with flies. Uh oh.

Next a sound only she can hear, Maeve accesses a sort of handle space, in which she and Caleb can see people on many screens arranging blocks in sync. Maeve says the sound is coming from a cone-shaped device in the centre of the home, and Caleb notes that the sound would seem to be managing them somehow. The persons (not hosts, Maeve states) proceed to increase a gun to their have heads and pull the set off. Then, Caleb sees his younger daughter Frankie sitting down in a cell. 

In a heart-pounding scene, Caleb operates to obtain his daughter and desperately attempts to pry the doorway to her cell open up. Maeve last but not least gets by means of the program in the knick of time. But matters usually are not specifically as they seem to be. 

Caleb has been fly-ified

I cannot believe that we have to discuss about this scene once more. Well, right here goes. Although Caleb talks to his daughter in the cell, Maeve fights host William. It swiftly gets to be clear that a thing is not appropriate with Frankie. In a reduce-absent scene, we see that Caleb’s daughter and spouse got away from a Chalores goon posing as their safe dwelling driver. The minimal woman with Caleb? 100% a robot. 

Robot Frankie tells Caleb that Chalores wants him. Then her encounter breaks apart, and flies pour out of the gaps. We see one particular of them crawl into Caleb’s ear, and the episode ends with him shrieking painfully. What happens now? Sunday can not appear quickly enough. 

Stray views

  • In this week’s “guiding the scenes” breakdown (these engage in following the credits roll), a Westworld artwork director points out that flies take in a parasite, develop into infected and transmit the condition to people. Wonderful.
  • It took a good deal for me not to throw the pun “fly-jinks” into this tale. 
  • Okay, am I imagining items, or is Maleb… flirting? In that elevator scene, when Caleb fixes her shoulder immediately after she will take a bullet, I sensed a little something there. She even grabs his hand, men. A reminder: Caleb has a whole wife.
  • Kind of pleasurable reality: Manny Montana, the actor who performs Carver in this episode (the male who is supposed to consider Caleb’s wife and daughter to a safe home but is killed and replaced by a clone) is likely to be a principal character in the approaching Disney Moreover Marvel collection Ironheart. 

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