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Christina (Evan Rachel Wood) looks at her reflection on Westworld.

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The internet marketing for Westworld season 4 designed it obvious that Evan Rachel Wood—whose formidable Host character, Dolores, was obliterated at the end of season three—would return. Now that the 1st episode has aired, we’ve satisfied Wooden in her new purpose: Christina, a shy single gal in the large metropolis. Westworld is regarded for throwing curveballs, but this might be its greatest one particular still.

Clearly Wood can not disclose substantially about what lies ahead for Christina, even nevertheless each individual Westworld fan who’s been pursuing the display considering that the starting (and is for that reason extremely familiar with its enjoy of misdirection) is aware of there’s received to be additional to her than what we have noticed so considerably. In a recent roundtable interview, io9 and other push got a probability to talk to Wooden and Westworld co-creator Lisa Pleasure about what is in retailer for Christina. It is obvious that her character will be tied into the show’s greater themes revolving all over storytelling—particularly as it pertains to who’s in regulate of the narrative.

“When we to start with satisfy Christina, we see that that she is a writer and that she is a storyteller. She works for a gaming company,” Wooden mentioned. “But plainly, something is off and anything is going on, because she’s obtaining these ridiculous cellular phone calls from a stranger who is accusing her and her stories of remaining actual and truly influencing serious folks. So I imagine, you know, that’s about as much as I can say. But I consider it’s heading to be one particular of the enjoyment factors, as well, that will type of unfold—that we get to discover about Christina this season—is what is basically taking place. Who is Christina? Exactly where are we? When are we? What is going on and what is her job?”

Though we do not know considerably about Christina still, we can notify she’s rather distinctive from Dolores. However, there are similarities, not just in their of course equivalent appearances, but in the way Christina’s everyday living follows a set routine—wake up, go to get the job done, go house, about and about again—not in contrast to Dolores’ lifetime did in the early times of Westworld. This sense of deliberate familiarity is a thing that crops up in the course of season 4, not just when it will come to Christina’s scenes, but throughout all the storylines.

“We had been intrigued in seeking at the way that record tends to repeat itself, or at minimum rhyme with alone about time,” Joy stated. “I consider that as we progress, the lens has absent from currently being in the pilot, essentially Host-based, to a a lot more even break up concerning Hosts and people, as we’ve kind of shifted the gaze of the narrative. We’re making an attempt to explore the similarities and variances involving the two species here—and so in carrying out so, it’s been useful to reference the way in which all people, even humans, are living in these kind of loops and locate themselves stuck in a rut or seeming to be unable to alter their instances or even behaviors that they really don’t want or like about them selves. That’s been a recurring topic, just exploring as a result of a various angle.”

With all that record repeating, is there a likelihood that Westworld’s characters—be they human or Host—will be ready to split out of their ruts and welcome in the modify and progress they so desperately seek? “This is the question, proper?,” Joy explained. “When so a lot of matters can stay the exact same, what element of our life and of our culture as a collective can we adjust? I think that’s one of the points that is not science fiction about the quandaries of the display … there looks to be a great deal of problems in having the type of consensus wanted to shift ahead and act as a species jointly. And it is amusing due to the fact it flouts logic, but the systems of the environment, the diverse bureaucracies, the different loops that modern society is in and the distinct mini loops that men and women are in, they can frequently stymie improve no matter how badly we want it, or how much we intellectually know we ought to strive for it. And the issue seriously is, for Hosts and people, how substantially can we conserve ourselves from ourselves? How significantly can we transcend our limitations and find out from our issues?”

New episodes of Westworld get there Sundays on HBO Max.

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