What’s a Fratzog? Inside Dodge’s New Old Logo

Dodge unveiled the all-electrical Charger Daytona SRT Idea on Wednesday night time. Whilst we cover the car or truck in a lot more depth in this story, we also required to acquire a deep dive on one distinct styling component: the so-called Fratzog logo that appears on the concept’s entrance grille and rear taillight. What the heck is a Fratzog, and why is Dodge placing it on its model-new electric powered auto? We’re happy you requested.

Alright, what in the globe is a Fratzog? This is just not a Stranger Matters spoiler, correct?

Likely not! The Fratzog symbol was initially noticed in 1962 on the Polara 500 and was applied as the principal Dodge emblem on anything from hood ornaments to steering wheels to grilles. Dodge used this sucker till 1981 when it adopted the Pontiac pentagram.

Dodge eventually started applying what is now the Ram logo in the mid-’90s, until finally the truck brand was spun off right after Chrysler’s acquisition by Fiat. Acquired all that? That is how we finished up with the DODGE-and-two-stripes brand, which inevitably brings us to the brotherhood of muscle mass era and the return of the Fratzog.

Cool, but in which did the phrase come from? Does it necessarily mean nearly anything?

It does not seem so, no. A designer, evidently, arrived up with the term on the place when prompted to identify the symbol. We’ll take that explanation around 500 terms of marketing and advertising duplicate!

Why is Dodge reviving this logo for its first all-electric powered motor vehicle?

To hear Dodge notify it, the Fratzog symbol sat on the hood of its motor vehicles at a time the brand was executing revolutionary perform. That contains introducing file-breaking vehicles at Daytona Worldwide Speedway, getting concerned with the room program, and commonly basking in the glow of the Dodge golden age. So, when the enterprise is never ever shy about winking toward its past, it really is not straining credulity to attain for the Fratzog.

Edmunds says

We are joyful to see the return of the Fratzog brand, if only simply because we won’t be able to stop saying it out loud, in our heads and in our group chats.

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