Wintohdd Free Download (Trial Version)

WinToHDD Version 5.1

  • You can reinstall Windows or install Windows onto a second hard drive directly from ISO, ESD, WIM without using DVD/CD/USB.
  • You can clone Windows to another disk without reinstalling Windows, apps.
  • You can clone Windows between disks with different sector sizes.
  • Encrypt Windows partition with BitLoker when installing or cloning.
  • Install any version of Windows 10/8.1/7/Vista/2019/2016/2012/2008 (64 bit & 32 bits) from same USB drive on both BIOS and UEFI computers.
  • Fully compatible with UEFI and GPT.

Wintohdd Free Download (Trial Version) you click here

Wintohdd Free Download

How to use Wintohdd to reinstall Windows 10

Note: You back up your data first before you reinstall Windows 10. You copy data from C drive to D or E drive.

Step 1: You download Wintohdd here

Step 2: You install Wintohdd

Step 3: You download Windows 10 Pro iso from Microsoft:

Then you move Windows 10 iso file to the D drive or E drive. You don’t put Windows 10 iso file on the C drive because Wintohdd will delete all data on the C drive

Step 4: You open Wintohdd, then you select “Reinstall Windows

Reinstall Windows Wintohdd

Step 5: You click the Browse Icon button, then you select Windows 10 iso file you want to install

select Windows 10 iso file

Step 6: You select Windows 10 Pro to install Windows 10 Pro. Then you click Next

How to reinstall Windows 10 Pro to replace Windows 10 Home

Step 7: You select Next and Wintohdd will ask you to create a WinPE image. You select Yes

create WinPE image

Step 8: After successfully built the WinPE image, WinToHDD will prompt you to reboot the computer. You click “Yes” button to allow WinToHDD to reboot your computer.

allow WinToHDD to reboot your computer

Done. You wait for a moment to Wintohdd install Windows 10 Pro.

You can watch this video to know how to install Windows 10 Pro by Wintohdd

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