AMD AMF Encoder Receives Crucial Update, Now Even Rivals NVIDIA’s NVENC

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The AMD AMF encoder has received a significant enhance in graphic high quality immediately after a decade of excellent problems. This new update introduces B-Frames into the new AMF Release 1.4.24. Though AMD posted this update quite a few months formerly, Chris Griffith of the website Code Calamity examined the modern update to give visitors an concept of the good quality of everyday living variations to the AMF encoder.

AMD AMF encoder catches up to Nvidia NVENC in the latest tests thanks to B-Frames

From the report, Griffith was able of pushing the AMD AMF encoder to exceptionally comparable ranges compared to NVIDIA and their new NVENC encoder viewed in the RTX 20 and 30 sequence graphics cards. AMD Radeon graphics playing cards will now be as accessible as NVIDIA’s wares for streaming games using decreased bitrates.

The struggle for AMD encoding know-how has plagued the business for a lot of years, relationship again to the Polaris GPUs (AMD 400 series) if not more again. The encoding has under no circumstances felt completely up to par in comparison to Intel and its QuickSync encoder and NVIDIA’s NVENC encoder.

Resource: EposVox

For the duration of this time, NVIDIA introduced the sixth technology of the NVENC encoder with the RTX 20 collection GPUs that utilized x264 encoding and placed them significantly in advance of AMD for the time becoming.

The video down below by EposVox, a major-rated YouTube streaming professional, demonstrates how AMD has experienced in performance in low-bitrate streaming, primarily when employing the H.264 codec that is nonetheless current in the company’s new Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs.

AMD does glow in HVEC encoding, but with the lack of real-earth use, all movie gamers need H.264 help. out?v=CLqpVImLPGE

So, how did AMD ultimately deal with a 10 years-aged trouble? The firm brought the B-frames technological innovation back to the AMF encoder, which has been missing because the company’s unique encoding and decoding motor VCE. AMD dropped the technological innovation once they unveiled the VCN motor with their Raven Ridge APUs and RDNA 1 GPUs.

“B frames let the H.264 compression algorithm to predict image data from previous and potential frames in a movie stream. It is an optional element that has demonstrated to noticeably enhance the impression excellent of streams at lower little bit rates,” says Tom’s Hardware.

Code Calamity applied VMAF to evaluate the image quality differentiation in between AMF, NVENC, and Intel QuickSync, with Major Buck Bunny as the reference video. In this benchmark, the highest feasible score of 100 factors. For reference, NVENC scores 96.13 details, and Intel QuickSync scored 96.37 in this examination. In accordance to Code Calamity, AMD’s AMF encoder is just 50 percent a point behind each those people encoders, whereas just before (without B-Frames), AMD’s AMF was a total two factors at the rear of.

The benchmark exams uncovered that the AMD AMF’s picture quality is nearer to rivaling NVIDIA’s latest NVENC encoder. However, no streaming platform has made available any current support, even with it being easily offered for months. It is speculated that AMD’s developer guidance background in utilizing its encoder SDKs has been troublesome, which could demonstrate why it is not as incorporated.

News Sources: Tom’, s Hardware, EposVox

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