Bugatti’s Signature French Racing Blue Color Will Be Updated For The Brand’s New Era


Bugatti ideas on painting its new era in its most legendary hue.

It’s no magic formula that Bugatti has a favorite coloration, and the brand’s signature blue adorned the manufacturing facility in which the iconic EB 110 was designed, and a specific, really important shade of blue has been a hallmark of the Bugatti manufacturer from as early as the Bugatti Variety 35 types. The colour, French Racing Blue, is speculated to have been encouraged by the mild blue packaging of Ettore Bugatti’s wife’s favored Gauloises cigarettes.

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Through the a long time, the shade of blue developed, from the racing Bugattis of the 1930s to the EB 110, to the Veyron, the Chiron, and most not too long ago the Bugatti Bolide. As Bugatti enters a new period as Bugatti Rimac, however, the abundant heritage and remarkable legacy of the brand will come with it, and French Racing Blue is at the forefront of that. The manufacturer is by now tricky at operate discovering a new “Bugatti Blue” to outline the brand name as it enters this new chapter of its history, as “La Vie en Bleu” has turn out to be synonymous with Bugatti’s dedication to the optimum general performance and luxury. As luxury, sustainability, effectiveness, and engineering are all described by new expectations and Bugatti redefines by itself, the new French Racing Blue will be its way of expressing that it’s even now on top.

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