ESA Tested Its New Moon Rover on Europe’s Largest Volcano


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Mount Etna on the island of Sicily is Europe’s greatest energetic volcano and a perennial crucible in expert cycling. The world’s greatest cyclists most not long ago climbed the slopes of Etna all through the fourth phase of this year’s Giro d’Italia. The day’s racing concluded with a three-way fight among Lennard Kämna, Juan Pedro López and Etna’s desolate landscape. Kämna arrived out victorious on the working day, but the winds blown throughout the rocky terrain left numerous reeling at the climb’s stop. Extra lately, Mount Etna was used to put some thing rather unique to the examination.

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The European Room Company (ESA) utilised Mount Etna to get ready to achieve an even better summit, the Moon. As described by Euronews, the multinational house agency examined a new lunar rover with 1,650 sq. foot location at 8,500 feet in altitude. The website on Mount Etna was selected for the reason that of its severe Moon-like disorders.

The rover was controlled remotely from a handle center in Catania, Sicily’s second-most significant metropolis, positioned 14 miles absent from the check website. Other envisioned mission parameters have been replicated for the duration of the take a look at this kind of as the time delay in between handle enter and execution as perfectly as the conversation delay involving mission management and the on-site astronaut.

Haptic opinions is a distinctive characteristic to the rover that has been promoted by the ESA’s structure staff. Thomas Krueger, Crew Lead at the ESA’s Human Robot Conversation Lab has mentioned:

“With haptic feedback, you certainly would really feel what the robotic feels. So, if you go our haptic device and the robotic touches an impediment, you without a doubt truly feel the contact. And this allows the operator to do far more good-grained tasks that are not probable without having haptic responses.

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The European House Agency options to deploy the rover in collaboration with NASA’s Artemis plan. NASA’s return to the Moon is slated to feature sizeable European cooperation, including ESA-presented modules for a future outpost on the Moon in exchange for placing European astronauts on the Lunar Gateway. The Lunar Gateway, a house station in orbit close to the moon that will be utilized as a staging stage for missions to the lunar floor and later on Mars.

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