Giveaway: AOMEI Backupper Pro and AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

What You can get from Windows update giveaway:

  • Windows update draws wide concern among users and authoritative news medias. This hot topic we provide will enrich the content of your website.
  • This giveaway is 100% free in limited-time without any marketing nature. Our purpose is to help users with higher level of backup and system migration.
  • By helping users to back up and migrate the system, they can restore the original system at any time or get more disk space.
  • Your sharing will be displayed on our website review pages, And social platform, which can bring more traffic for you.
  • Provide you with the products lifetime codes and you can serve as a gift for your readers as well.

You visit the giveaway page:

AOMEI Backupper Professional

Giveaway AOMEI Backupper Pro and AOMEI Partition Assistant Pro

Easily backup your important files before updating

You can back up all your important files before updating the new system to prevent data loss after the update.

Reliable system backup restore with recovery environment

The recovery environment allows you to directly enter WinPE to restore the system backup when the system crashes.

System cloning and migration when you need

Clone or migrate system to SSD or HHD with better performance and larger capacity to ensure that new system runs more smoothly.

AOMEI Partition Assistant Professional

Safely extend your C drive to get more run space

If you cannot update the system because there is not enough space on the C drive, AOMEI can help you resize partition to get more space.

App Mover helps release more C drive space

Migrate the app in the C drive to another disk before updating the new system to free up more operating space for the new system.

The giveaway will end on 06-30-2021

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