How To Open The Start Menu Without Windows Key In Windows 10/11

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I not long ago acquired a new mechanical keyboard. The mechanical keyboard that I acquired presents a magical typing knowledge that you just simply cannot come across on a laptop or regular desktop keyboard.

Although the keyboard is exceptionally excellent, the only trouble is that it does not arrive with a Windows brand vital!

Acquiring a keyboard that does not contain a Windows symbol essential was not a fantastic idea as I could not open the Begin menu with the keyboard and use other Windows emblem keyboard shortcuts. Of study course, clicking on the Start off button the taskbar opens the Start out menu, but I am applied to opening the Start out menu with a keyboard shortcut.

If you also have a keyboard without having a Home windows emblem important or if you have mounted Windows 10/11 on a Mac and pondering how to access the Get started menu with out the Windows essential, below is how to do that.

Keyboard shortcut to open Begin menu in the absence of Home windows brand key

If your keyboard lacks the Home windows logo key, you can use the Ctrl + Esc hotkey to open the Begin menu. Sure, in addition to the Windows brand critical, the Get started menu can also be opened with the Ctrl + Esc on all keyboards.

In addition to the Ctrl + Esc critical, you can also remap the keyboard to a less-utilised vital for the Home windows emblem important. For instance, you can remap the seldom made use of CapsLock critical to the Windows symbol essential. To remap, refer to our how to remap the keyboard in Windows tutorial.

Open up the Commence menu on Mac

If you have mounted Home windows 11/10 on a Mac and are asking yourself how to open the Get started menu, there is an easy way.

On a Mac keyboard, you just have to push the Command key to open the Start menu.

Unnecessary to say, you can often simply click on the Start out button on the taskbar to open the Begin menu.

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