Sims 4 Werewolves Game Pack Out Now: Everything to Know

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The Sims 4 Werewolves, the new video game pack from Digital Arts and Maxis, introduced Thursday for Steam, Origin, PlayStation and Xbox. The pack introduces players to the globe of Moonwood Mill and the means to convert into a werewolf. 

Forward of start, developers held a preview demo of the pack, which provides a new amount to set up supernatural gameplay. Growing on the game packs that launched spellcasters, vampires, aliens and ghosts, Sims 4 Werewolves lets you examine lycanthrope lifestyle. 

This is what gamers can check out in the pack.


Welcome to Moonwood Mill 

The Sims 4 Werewolves consists of a manufacturer new world: Moonwood Mill. Werewolf Sims have designed this deserted manufacturing facility and logging town bordered by untamed wilderness their residence. The new world feels like a combine of Granite Falls (Outside Retreat), Overlooked Hollow (Vampires) and Evergreen Harbor (Eco Lifestyle). 

The new entire world residences two werewolf packs and a few new heaps, three of which were being intended by Sims YouTuber James Turner. Moonwood Mill also attribute new tale goods like the Moonpetal Flower at Howling Point, the elusive Luna Fish in Lake Lunvik, sparring pits, entrances for experience times and underground tunnels. 

And wherever would werewolves be without the need of the moon? The new video game pack characteristics moon phases that will effect werewolf Sims. Formerly in-match evenings only exhibited entire moons, but now players can inform what section of the lunar cycle they are at this time in (similar to monitoring your eco-footprint or the period in other packs). Your werewolf Sim may have enhanced expertise and mood improvements in the course of specific moon phases. 

Sims 4 Werewolves gameplay still

The new video game pack includes new Generate a Sim possibilities, develop items and storytelling options.


The pack also consists of new establish and buy merchandise like a mossy roof, claw mark wall decals, industrial design and style furniture and a scaled-down telescope (which unlocks a new meteor-similar demise for Sims). I adore producing rundown builds or fixer-uppers when enjoying The Sims 4, and these new products have now given me dozens of tips. 

Werewolf 101

Moonwood Mill is residence to two werewolf packs that your Sim can attempt to be part of: the regular Moonwood Collective and the scrappy Wildfangs. Sims can be a part of a pack by finishing trials, which are accessible by interacting with the group’s pack chief. Trials include displaying off your howling capabilities, sparring, presenting the pack leader with a present and extra. When your Sim is in the pack, they must retain the pack’s values to continue being in superior standing. The match leaves a lot of area for your have storytelling: Blend in with the pack, overthrow the Alpha or dwell as a lone wolf? You will never be ready to start off your own pack, but you can generate a werewolf club with the Get Collectively pack.

Like the occult Sims in the Vampires game pack and Realm of Magic, the Werewolves pack requires your Sim to stage up. Becoming a werewolf incorporates a talent tree that your Sim can progress by means of with capability details, unlocking characteristics like marking their territory, the capacity to travel quicker by digging tunnels or napping any place.

Split screen showing two scenes from Sims 4 Werewolves

Will you be a part of the Moonwood Collective or the Wildfangs, or strike out on your own? 


The pack also incorporates one particular new aspiration, Werewolf Initiate, which suggests your Sim’s objective is to turn out to be a werewolf.

Like the world of magical demand for spellcasters, werewolves have a exclusive requires panel. In addition to a wolfish urge for food, you can want to keep an eye on your Sim’s fury orb. If your fury orb fills up, it might set off an uncontrolled transformation and rampage. Controlled transformations is a talent that ought to be mastered.

And, yes… you can woohoo as a werewolf. 

The pack includes a new werewolf-specific romance choice known as Fated Mates. According to the developers, teenagers and more mature werewolves can come across a Fated Mate in an additional werewolf. When two Sims are Fated Mates, the pair get elevated intimate romantic relationship loot gains, unique sentiments and their marriage simply cannot decay. In addition, if they romantically interact with a Sim that’s not their Fated Mate, they may get a tense moodlet. 

Developing your Sim’s werewolf variety

Several frames showing Sims Werewolves customizations

Your Sims werewolf form is highly customizable. 


Like vampires, you can link or unlink your Sim’s werewolf variety to their human variety. You can personalize nearly every facet of your Sim’s wolf kind in Generate-A-Sim. Pick how your wolf’s howl seems and the wolf pelt has tons of customization options. Also overall body scars are now readily available for the very first time.

You can pick the coat shade and pattern manually or scroll via premade pelt swatches. This aspect functions a bit like the Cats and Puppies growth pack. Maintain your wolf type common or get resourceful with Paint Mode, manual drawings, stamps and stencils. 

The pack comes with some new eclectic grunge outfits that your Sim — werewolf or human — can put on as properly. Although, if you retain your Sim in werewolf kind, other Sims could have a frightful reaction to you. There is certainly also a incredibly cute new wolf-onesie for toddlers. 

Test out the trailer here: 

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