Giveaway: Apowersoft Background Eraser 300 images( Value $29.95)

Apowersoft Background Eraser is a professional one-click cutout software that automatically identifies the image, removes the extra background, and quickly creates a transparent background image. It is a much easier tool than Photoshop to remove backgrounds from images.

You download the software here

All you need to do is upload your photo and Apowersoft Background Eraser will use AI technology to remove the background of your image fully automatically in just 3 seconds. Compared to the complicated Photoshop, you don’t need to spend any effort to learn and operate it, it’s super easy and fast to remove backgrounds.

Apowersoft Background Eraser provides automatic background removal with AI technology,  as well as manual background removal, cropping, and output images at common sizes.

Apowersoft provides a wealth of background image templates, also supports custom uploading pictures as picture backgrounds. Whether you are an e-commerce company that needs to pick up a product map, or a company needs to make an official seal and signature, or It’s a self-portrait ID photo, or you want to modify the background color of the photo, etc.  Apowersoft Background Eraser will not disappoint you!

If you have the need for removing background, then this software will allow you to become a cutout master, when others are still opening Photoshop, you already finished it, say goodbye to the time-consuming and laborious Photoshop, improve the efficiency of removing background!

Portrait Recognition & Product Recognition ID Photo

Portrait Recognition & Product Recognition & ID Photo

Apowersoft provides 3 types of cutout – “Portrait Recognition”, “Product Recognition” and “Photo ID”. If you are going to remove the background of portraits, use the remove person background feature, if you are going to remove the background from items, choose the “remove product background”, it can help you to remove the background of products such as clothes, animals, cars, etc, and the “Photo ID” feature can help you create professional ID photos. By choosing according to your needs, you can let AI make better judgments and get better results.

These 3 operation methods are similar. Take “Portrait Recognition” as an example. First click on “Remove person background” on the main interface to enter the portrait recognition function interface, and then choose the picture directly into the function area. Wait a few seconds to get a transparent background image.

Change background

There are a lot of background templates in Apowersoft, including pure color backgrounds and background image materials, and the templates are updated regularly, you can choose images from the template library as photo backgrounds, or you can upload your own local images as backgrounds.

Change photo backgrounds

Whether you are a professional designer or a novice, you can upload your photos for the automatic cutout, eliminating a series of tedious routine operations such as selection and marking, which greatly improves work efficiency. If you often need to do cutout processing and PhotoShop operation is too troublesome, then Apowersoft Background Eraser must be perfect for you!

Remove background manually

After the cutout is completed, you can manually trim the cutout image. Click “Manually remove background”, select the “remove” or “Keep” function in the left panel, slide the mouse below to customize the size of the block to be removed or kept, and then manually process the transparent background image in the image area. When finished, just select “Save”.

Remove photo background


The “Crop” function provides different picture sizes, such as 1:1, 16:9, 4:3, and so on, and special ID photo sizes, for those who need to make ID photos, you can choose the size you need with one click with ease. For eCommerce, Apowersoft Background Eraser provides sizes of 1000*1000 and 800*800.

Crop images

Remove background in bulk

Apowersoft lets you remove background in bulk, this function will greatly improve efficiency and avoid selecting one by one. Just choose between “Remove person background in bulk” or “Remove product background in bulk.

Remove image background in bulk

Giveaway of Apowersoft Background Eraser redemption code

Now Phoebe, an employee of Apowersoft, provides us with a limited number of redemption codes. You can get 300 free pictures for each redemption which value $29.95, first come first served.

Redemption Code: DAF47-E549A-G874E-EDAD7

Expiration date: July, 5th. 2021

Redemption method:

  1. Download Apowersoft Background Eraser and log in to your account. If you don’t have an account, you create new account.
  1. Click on your avatar, the use Redemption Code and enter the code on the desktop page.

Giveaway of Apowersoft Background Eraser redemption code

Official Website:

You can watch this video to know how to use the Apowersoft Background Eraser redeem code

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